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Fund Raising Goal: 10K

Hi! I'm Tinashe and I'm back with Stream Sounds for my next release "2ON" When I started playing it to people and saw their reaction, then I understood the potential of this song. Now I'm showing it to you guys and hopefully you will react the same way as my friends when I first played it out loud - it's been said it's a hit and I can't think of a better way than to release it together with you. increased rate, helping users monetize their followings unlike on other platforms.

Money will be spent on:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Video Production

  • Studio Session


Reasons to invest:

Fanbase is a new subscription-based social network that is helping users monetize their content and earn revenue while also increasing authentic user engagement. Users can grow their following organically with the ability to follow each other for free on the platform, with the option to pay for a subscription to exclusive content at an increased rate, helping users monetize their followings unlike on other platforms.


About the song:

"2 On" is an electro-R&B song that contains elements of trap production. Lyrically, the song is a party song about living life to the fullest. Music critics mostly praised the song for its sound and carefree lyrics, and "2 On" was also noted by critics as a departure from Tinashe's murky alternative R&B that was part of her previous songs. The single peaked at number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number one on US rhymthic radio, was the second-most played song of 2014 on the format, and was certified platinum by the RIAA..

About the artist:

Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe  born February 6, 1993 known mononymously as Tinashe, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and actress. Born in Lexington, Kentucky,


Tinashe moved to Los Angeles as a child to pursue a career in entertainment. Her notable roles included as a motion-capture model in the animated film The Polar Express (2004), Robin Wheeler in the Cartoon Network television series Out of Jimmy's Head (2007–2008), and a recurring role in the CBS series Two and a Half Men (2008–2009).an increased rate, helping users monetize their followings unlike on other platforms.

Ancre 1

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How does it work?:

Stream Sounds  is a fan funded marketing platform where artists and fans come together for a common goal. Find a campaign you like, make a contribution and get paid for one year when it’s streamed, based on the size of your share. Backing a campaign means supporting dreams, independent artists and contributing to a more transparent and sustainable music industry. And remember music is a work of art, this isn’t Wall Street.

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