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Investing in Songs 101

The high-speed world of the Music Industry and the risks of investing in artists are well documented, so why invest in music royalties?What makes it worthwhile? More importantly, what do you need to know about the process, and what details should you be paying attention to when making investments?

This article should serve as a primer to give you an overview of how investing in songs work. If you already know the drill, head on over to Stream Sounds to see the latest independent artists raising capital.

Why invest in songs?

Through equity crowdfunding, you can support artists that you are passionate about. This is different than helping a company raise capital via Kickstarter. You aren’t just buying their product or merch. You are buying a piece of your favorite artist’s catalogue, and helping them grow. You own part of their catalogue, whether it’s one you are a loyal fan of, a local artist or content creator you want to support, or a new artist you believe in. You are funding the future.

It’s an easy message to get behind and be supportive of. Of course, there is also the chance that you can make money on your investment. It’s unlikely, to be clear, and you should not expect to profit, but it is the main reason people choose to invest in music.

Its like investing in StartUps...

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