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The Best Rap Album Rollouts of All Time

The promotional period before an album release is probably the most essential part of the music business aside from the music itself. This is the critical time artists develop creative marketing strategies to peak interest and generate conversation around their anticipated projects. Now that we are in a digital-crazed world where traditional media roll-outs aren’t regarded the same, artists have to rely on far more craftier ideas to capture their audience.

While some artists like Nicki Minaj or Kanye West miscalculated their album releases during the initial roll-out, they inadvertently generated controversy commentary around their artistry and musicianship, which helped their album and streaming sales. However, a botchy roll-out might leave bruises on an artist’s brand dissolving trust and consistency between them and the public.

Every part of the album process should be accounted for that benefits both the artist and the fans. Artists who can physically amplify their project understand the value they possess in building an authentic fan base that respects and cares for the art and the artist. The element of physically connecting to your fans shouldn’t be lost on how artists develop their album roll-outs. Strategic marketing campaigns should be noted as a two-way street where the artists respect the fan’s intelligence when it comes to engagement. If you are going to manipulate consumer interest, do it in a way that is tasteful.

Check Out These Seven Artists Who Mastered the Art of an Album Roll-Out:

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